Yet Another Update: Yandex News Q4 2015 Part II

As the quarter comes to a close, there are several important Yandex news updates to review for webmasters and digital advertisers.  Russian Search Marketing is glad to compile all of the noteworthy Yandex SEO and SEM topics that were announced over the past few weeks.  Most significantly, webmasters now have a better ability to manage their websites for Yandex and e-Commerce players should be especially excited to test out the new e-Commerce reports in Yandex.Metrica to help with their holiday sales!


Yandex Test Crawling Javascript and CSS:

A few weeks ago, Yandex announced that crawlers started reading Javascript and CSS. Yandex made this adjustment to see how content is displayed for the user in the browser and to get more detailed information for  Webmasters who block Javascript and CSS in robots.txt should consider opening them up for indexing.

Script sign icon. Javascript code symbol. Set of colored buttons. Vector illustration

Yandex Began Marking mobile friendly pages:

Yandex recently announced that it would begin marking mobile friendly pages. The criteria for mobile friendly pages includes the following:

  • Viewport meta tags
  • No horizontal scrolling
  • No Flash or Silverlight content

Webmasters should make adjustments now and can expect a future change in the mobile ranking algorithm.  Webmasters can use a tool to help check their Yandex mobile compatibility.

yandex mobile ranking

Yandex Toolkit helps Webmaster Detect SEO violations:

The Yandex Webmaster blog reported four new ways webmasters can check make sure their sites are highly optimized for Yandex SEO. The new section on the Yandex.Webaster toolkit will allow webmasters to check their site for a range of violations and compatibles.  These checks include mobile compatibility, site violations (paid links, keyword stuffing, hidden texts etc), technicaly site diagnostics, and monitoring all key indicators related to the submisison of a website in search.

This example of a violation check below shows an explanation of a paid link violation that needs to be fixed before the site can return to higher ranking in the Yandex search results.

yandex webmaster seo violations

A new button “I fixed everything,” seen in the yellow above, was introduced so webmasters can essentially ask Yandex to check their website faster and hopefully avoid longer penalization. Yandex warns to be absolutely sure all issues are fixed before clicking the button and that it doesn’t guarantee an exact time table on a change in penalties.

Yandex.Direct Geo-targeting changes:

Yandex.Direct increases the geo-targetting settings for regions in Russia. Almost 200 cities will be added and Yandex.Direct advertisers will be able to specify not only a city’s oblast, but also its region.

yandex direct geo regions

Yandex.Direct Shared account feature:

The Yandex.Direct shared account feature will be automatically enabled for all new usernames in Yandex.Direct.  Users don’t need to pay separately for each campaign, as the funds are automatically distributed equally between them. A shared account takes into account all campaign settings, such as bid restrictions, daily/weekly budgets, and so on.  For usernames that already have campaigns in Yandex.Direct, you can still connect to a shared account manually. More details on how to do this can be read in the Help section.

Yandex.Metrica eCommerce Data Collection Features:

The new e-commerce component of Yandex.Metrica allows webmasters to track a larger quantity of data and provides significantly improved tools for analysis, helping webmasters see data on things like popular products and basket items.  This feature allows users to pass order information and revenue into Metrica. When its configured webmasters gain access to e-commerce reports and ROI automatic bidding strategy.  For webmasters who already have GA Enhanced e-Commerce installed, additional coding for Metrica is not required, making the set-up process relatively easy.

Yandex.Weather Machine Learning:

Yandex launched a service offering hyperlocal weather information based on its proprietary weather forecasting technology, Meteum. Powered by machine learning, it gives accurate forecasts for areas as local as specific parts of a city or even individual buildings.