Yet Another Update: Yandex News Q3 2015

Russian Search Marketing is excited to report a number of important updates, changes, and launches.  Webmasters, PPC specialists, and users can review the most noteworthy updates from Q3 2015 below.

The majority of the updates this quarter relate to new mobile opportunities.  From placing ads to tracking user behavior, Yandex recently announced several useful tools to help reach the Russian mobile audience.


Yandex AGS Link Penalty:

Following up on the 2009 AGS penalty against sites created for link selling and this year’s Minusinsk algorithm created to diminish black hat SEO, Yandex announced a new SEO penalty for link sellers.  Last year the AGS penalty started completely dropping a website’s TIC, or Yandex’s quoation index of 0-150,000 that ranks how well trusted Yandex considers the site.  The most recent addition to AGS penalty evolved to penalize organic rankings of sites selling links and continues to drop a site’s TIC to zero.

Yandex.Direct for Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps can now be advertised through Yandex.Direct on compatible mobile devices on Yandex search results and YAN (Yandex advertising network) websites.  The ad requires a link to the app, a title, and text. The app icon, price, rating, and other information will automatically be added.


Yandex Direct app ads


YAN Click Price Optimization:

In relation to the new VCG auction, advertisers who are manually managing their bids and running ads on both search and content have a new bid optimization option.  Advertisers can select the option so that the average CPC on content sites doesn’t exceed the average CPC on search.

YAN content settings


Automatic Markup for Metrica:

The new Yandex.Direct link markup feature now records every ad click by default in Metrica reports, enabling ad performance to be tracked more accurately. The feature can be disabled but will automatically be applied to all active campaigns with Metrica tracking and will be applied by default for all new campaigns configured with the counter.

Yandex Rolls out multi-functional app for Android users: 

In addition to search, Android users can access to email, news, maps, city navigation, taxi booking, or any other service available in Yandex’s product range with the new multi-functional app.  Android continues to be the most popular operating system in Russia due to the affordability of the devices.

new yandex app

Yandex Mobile analytics with AppMetrica:

The new and improved AppMetrica now offers a way for marketers to track their mobile ads, in addition to analytics and crash reports in real time.  The free app can be accessed with a single SDK. Users get detailed ad campaign data and can pull raw data from the API for custom reports or to use in propriety software.

app metrica