Yet Another Update: Yandex News Q1 2016

Russian Search Marketing is glad to present Yandex news for Q1 2016 including all relevant information for Yandex webmasters and Yandex advertisers. These updates are must read information to stay up to speed on everything happening in the Russian digital ad space. Starting at the end of December 2015, several important announcements were made by the Yandex search technologies team on the Russian blog.  In addition to these important announcements, several noteworthy adjustments to Yandex.Direct..

Yandex SEO News

Webmasters have two key SEO updates to apply to their websites but also a number of new webmaster tools to help them.

New Yandex mobile page ranking formula Vladivostok:

Yandex’s algorithm Vladivostok assesses a page’s mobile friendliness when delivering search results for m0bile users.  Currently, the new algorithm is only applicable in Russia, but will be rolled out for Yandex users in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey in the coming few months.

yandex mobile ranking

Yandex warns against ClickJack:

Yandex.Webmaster blog warns webmasters against using clickjack, or UI redress attack, to make users unintentionally click on buttons or links due to opaque layering. The algorithm assesses a website’s use of clickjack within the past two weeks. It Yandex identifies it based on its actual use not an activie or inactive code.

yandex clickjack 2016

Yandex.Direct News

Yandex.Direct team has been busy putting together a number of new features to make advertising on Yandex much more efficient!

Yandex.Direct Smart Banner Ads:

The smart banner ads are display advertisements with dynamic content that is personalized for individual users based on their interests.  Information about an item from a store’s product range is automatically placed and formatted in an ad template.

smart banner ads direct

Yandex Report Wizard 2.0:

Report Wizard 2.0 provides users with the ability to monitor campaigns on the account level and more options to adapt the report criteria.  Previously, report Wizard provided statistics for a single login but data could only be viewed by date.

report wizard 2

Yandex tests automated ad creation: A beta version of Yandex.Direct dynamic ads analyzes the content of an advertiser’s site and uses the information to slect keywords, headers, and landing pages. Advertisers prepare a universal ad text and specify which pages of a site the system advertises.

yandex dynamics ads

Yandex Introduces Bid Adjustments to lower CPC: Advertisers have new options for their bid adjustments to lower the CPC for age, gender, and previous site visitors. The maximum CPC decrease is 50%.

direct bid adjustments

Ads for Mobile Apps in Direct Commander: Advertisers can create and edit mobile app ads in Direct Commander. This ad format features app rating, number of reviews, and a download button.

Yandex Direct app ads

New limits for keywords and negative keywords:  The previous limit for an ad group was 4096 characters. This limit — 4096 characters — is no longer applied to the whole group, but instead to each keyword and its negative keywords. In addition, advertisers will be able to add up to 200 keywords to each group.