Yet Another Update: Yandex December 2014 News

This past month Russian search engine Yandex announced two major business deals and two important changes to Yandex advertisements.  Here are the last Yandex updates for 2014:

Yandex Acquires Sovetnik: Yandex acquired the e-Commerce recommendation service that helps shoppers find the best deals while online shopping.

Yandex opens B2B big data Division: In early December Yandex announced Yandex Data Factory that will allow businesses working with large volumes of data to use Yandex technologies.

yandex data factory

New Ad Design for Yandex.Direct: Yandex.Direct ads now have a new design with images and new vertical ad blocks that are placed on the left and right of content sites.

new Yandex.Direct design II

New Store Ratings on Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Market Ads: Advertisers who use the same domain on Yandex.Direct and Yandex.Market now have a Market store rating from 1-5 stars listed on their ads in the premium ad block and guaranteed ad block.

Yandex.Direct store rating

Yandex Users Improving Algorithm by Block Ads: Yandex users can now block ads that appear through Yandex.Direct. If a user selected to block the ad, they are presented with a survey to answer why.  Perhaps they already purchased the item relating to the search query, the ad appears too often, or the ad doesn’t match the context of their specific search.  This will help improve the algoirthim and save unnecessary ad impressions.  The users will then see more ad that’s they want to click and ultimately

Yandex.Direct ad rejection reasons