Yet Another Update: Yandex Advertising News Q2 2016

Over the past few months the Yandex.Direct team has been busy adjusting advertising and account features to improve the effectiveness of ads.  Russian Search Marketing is glad to provide this Yandex advertising news update covering all relevant Yandex.Direct announcements and one major SEO announcement on mobile friendliness criteria.



Yandex Vladivostok Ads Font Size to Mobile Friendliness Criteria:

Yandex’s mobile friendly algorithm, Vladivostok, added font size to the criteria for webmasters. The font size requirement is at least 12px.  Websites that don’t adjust the font for their mobile pages are at risk of falling in the search results.

yandex mobile friendly check

Yandex.Direct Automatic Extended Geo-targeting:

Yandex turned on automatic extended geo-targeting that enables an advertiser to reach audiences outside of their geo-targeting settings by serving ads to users who enter the advertiser’s geo-targeting destinations in their search queries.

New Requirements for Yandex.Direct ad sizes:

Yandex.Direct enlarged ad image sizes to make ads more adaptable to a range of screen resolutions. Images went from 150 to 5000 pixels on each side to 450 to 5000 pixels on each side. Yandex originally announced the change in February and only recently transitioned all images to the larger format.

image size change

Yandex.Direct Goal Conversions:

Yandex.Direct advertisers can now optimize ad delivery using additional relevant phrases for specific goals from Yandex.Metrica.

Yandex.Metrica Counters for Yandex.Direct:

To get Yandex.Direct data in Yandex.Metrica – and vice versa – you now need to either enter your Metrica counters or use Tagging links for Metrica. Both tools can be found in the campaign settings.

Yandex introduces new Callouts:

Yandex.Direct offers a new ad features, callouts, which are short texts that highlight features that make your offer stand out from the crowd — such as free delivery or 24-hour service.  On average, the feature increases CTR by 3%.


Pictures in ads for mobile apps:

Mobile app ads now features images in a 16:9 format.  Images work well with other ad elements for mobile apps including icons, ratings, reviews, or a “Download” button. According to Yandex’s own data, this combination  can lead to a CTR increase of +30% in comparison to ads using the classic text-and-image campaign in Yandex.Direct.

yandex mobile ad images

New sources for mobile traffic:

Now ads in Yandex.Direct can get clicks not only from the Yandex Advertising Network, but also from external platforms that sell mobile traffic via Real-Time Bidding auctions.