Using content marketing to get more sales with Yandex.Zen

Yandex.Zen conference presenters on using articles to inform, entertain, and convert new customers

On March 4, 2020, Yandex hosted a conference on using the Yandex content service, Yandex.Zen, for advertising. This article provides an overview of service capabilities and some examples of using content marketing on Yandex.Zen to attract and convert new customers.

What is Yandex.Zen?

This is a Yandex service showing personalized content to Yandex users, including news, articles, videos, and blog posts.

According to the data provided by Anastasiya Avgustovskaya in her presentation, this service is used by 13 million people per day, with over 50 million monthly users. About 56% of them access Yandex.Zen on mobile.

The audience are both men and women, primarily from large cities. On average, visitors spend over 40 minutes on Yandex.Zen, reading each article for more than 2 minutes on average. During that time, users look at different publication headlines and images for almost a third of the time, read content for 40% of the time, and click through to the websites of article publishers 18% of the time. The click-through rate for articles is between 10% and 30%.

Since 2019 marketing agencies and businesses have published over 11,000 articles on Yandex.Zen. During the conference, various  clients talked about their experiences and successes in creating impactful advertising campaigns for this service. Below are some examples of their wins.

How a farm product marketplace reduced its marketing costs

Igor Batunov used Yandex.Zen to create educational content and respond to the most common buyer objections to purchasing, as well as to provide answers to the frequently asked questions.

This was especially relevant for Igor’s business, a farm product marketplace. After conducting some customer research interviews, he wrote a post outlining answers to all the questions Moscow residents might have when looking for “real” farm products.

How publishing long-form posts helped promote living in a specific residential development

For PIK, a real estate developer with over 60 residential developments across Russia, Yandex.Zen was a great opportunity to engage their audience and provide as many details as possible to help their potential buyers make an informed choice.

In developing ad copy for Yandex.Zen, PIK was focusing on differentiation, transparency, and providing as much information as their target audience needed. Given long sales cycles and the amount of consideration that goes into real estate purchases, achieving a 2.4% conversion rate from publishing a long-form post about one of the developments was considered a great result for the local real estate market.

Discovering new audiences for educational courses with targeted content

Skillbox, an online educational course provider, was looking for new ways to attract clients interested in their course offerings, from UX to marketing.

The challenge was finding the audiences that were ready to read and purchase.

By following content marketing best practices, optimizing headlines, and testing visuals, Skillbox was able to reach the audiences that were not only interested in entertaining content, but also wanted to sign up for educational courses.

After optimizing Yandex.Zen posts for subscriptions instead of sales, Skillbox marketing team got even better conversion results.

To find out more about different use case scenarios and learn how different Russian companies use Yandex.Zen, you can view all of the video presentations here (in Russian).

Find out more about using Yandex.Zen here (website in Russian), or reach out to Russian Search Marketing specialists to see which advertising strategy would be the best fit for your goals.