Yandex.Zen: using advertising content to entertain and convert

During Yandex Fashion Week, Yandex experts share tips on how to use Yandex.Zen advertising content to get in front of potential buyers

We wrote about Yandex.Zen earlier. Recently, during an online conference hosted by Yandex, Yandex Fashion Week, Yandex experts shared tips on how to use Yandex.Zen advertising content to get in front of potential buyers – and why it makes sense to consider content as one of the ways to market in Russia.

Yandex.Zen statistics in 2020

In 2020, Yandex.Zen attracted over 50 million unique visitors per month, with over 16 million unique visitors per day. This is more than some social media channels in Russia, such as VKontakte, Instagram, and Facebook.

In addition, on average those visitors spend up to 40 minutes per day on Yandex.Zen, reading 1 piece of content for longer than 2 minutes (as opposed to the online average time of 40 seconds).

Yandex.Zen for advertising: benefits

Yandex.Zen advertising content is similar to native advertising in the following ways: the content is of primary significance, advertising should be interesting to keep readers engaged, and the primary goal of advertising in both cases is attracting new customers that might not be aware of your product or service.

Both native ads and Yandex.Zen advertising work best for readers unaware of your product, or with readers that are still in the research phase of their customer journey.

However, there are some differences as well. The first one is the pricing model: you pay for every reader who finishes reading a particular post. As a result, there’s no incentive to attract more readers with clickbait content – you only want to attract the best readers, the ones interested in your product. This means there is a more explicit connection to buying intent (30% of readers that finish a post then click through to a business website).

Another advantage is that there are more opportunities to develop converting long-form content – as opposed to ads, taking readers through their journey from top-of-funnel to the bottom of the funnel.

Furthermore, it’s possible to run split testing on Yandex.Zen, finding winning headlines, visuals, calls to action and personalization options, and tracking results.

Considering advertising to reach your Russian-speaking audience? Reach out to the Yandex International Sales team to see which options would be the most effective for your business