Yandex Turbo pages: summary of important statistics now available

New summary page added for easy review of key Turbo pages information

Yandex launched Turbo pages in 2016 to help companies targeting Russian Internet users reduce their bounce rate and get more sales. In addition to improving webpage speed, Turbo pages help website owners, such as e-commerce store owners and bloggers, optimize mobile page performance and improve user experience.

We wrote about Turbo pages previously, sharing data on mobile internet users in Russia, and highlighting new Turbo pages capabilities in a recent article. Now we’re highlighting a recent update published on the Yandex blog for webmasters. In that post, the Yandex team highlights a new page that helps e-commerce store owners and bloggers easily review and improve key performance statistics for Turbo pages.

1 page, 4 goals: new summary information on Turbo pages

The new Turbo pages statistics page was created based on feedback received from Turbo pages users. This page is designed to help them achieve the following goals:

  1. Evaluate Turbo pages traffic volume
    Traffic volume to Turbo pages is set to per-month view by default, but you can change the settings.
  2. Identify webpages that currently don’t have a Turbo pages version
    You can download a list of 100 webpages with the highest traffic volumes as a CSV file. In addition, you can monitor the number of created Turbo pages through a separate view with a website structure display.
  3. Optimize Turbo pages for bloggers and e-commerce
    A new feature for e-commerce store owners enables them to optimize their online store display and product listings to start getting sales.
    When you connect your online store, you’ll see a checklist with recommendations on improving your Turbo pages design and content, walking you through the setup step by step.
    Bloggers will be able to add automated advertising options to monetize their content quickly and easily.
  1. Monitor and fix tech issues with existing Turbo pages
    Last but not least: the statistics summary page will show existing issues with Turbo pages, enabling website owners to avoid higher bounce rates and get more traffic to their mobile-optimized Turbo pages.

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