Yandex Turbo Pages for Publishers Announced today

Today Yandex announced Yandex Turbo pages in a Russian press release and blog. Yandex Turbo-pages include simplified content to improve the speed of downloading content on mobile devices and open in less than a second.  Yandex launched Turbo-pages for search to improve user experience when they have limited or slow connection on their mobile devices.

In Russia the mobile internet audience is still developing compared to many western countries. According to data from Mediascope, everyday 46% of internet users go online from their smartphones in Russia.

Yandex launched Turbo-pages for Yandex Browser in 2016 and has since been conducting experiments to integrate Turbo-pages for publishers in search. Their research results show that Turbo-pages decrease the number of cases where a user closes a slow loading page before it opens by 30%, increasing traffic and ad views for publishers.

Turbo-pages are in many ways similar to Instant Articles but even easier to implement and offer publishers out of the box monetization. Key facts on Yandex Turbo-pages below:

  • 15 times faster download on 3G than a standard mobile webpage
  • Consist of 10 times less content than a typical webpage for fast downloading: text, images, video
  • Features ad blocks for contextual and banner ads that can be placed through Yandex (РСЯ) and ADFOX
  • Ad monitoring through Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics, and Mediascope (TNS)
  • Available also in Yandex.News (since May) and Yandex.Zen

In developing Turbo-pages, Yandex applied its advanced algorithms and expertise in providing relevant content to users quickly.  Publishers can visit Yandex.Webmaster and put their content in RSS format to implement Turbo-pages.