Yandex’s Trending Russian Search Topics of 2017

Yesterday Yandex published their 2017 search trends on the Yandex English language blog, sharing their research on the top search topics that showed significant rise in interest from users throughout the course of the year.

According to the post, Yandex handles an average of 250 million user search queries per day. Commonly the most frequently searched topics do not change from year to year but when there is a noteworthy event, new trend, or popular show, Yandex and other search engines see a spike in interest on the topics.

Many of Yandex’s top search trends reflect events or well-known people in Russia but many also indicate where most of the world’s interests were this year. From the rise of cryptocurrencies, to the obsession with fidget spinners, several new phenomena made their way around the world.

Russian users like other international users took interest in the French elections, in addition to the McGregor Mayweather fight and going to see the new It. Scroll below to learn more about what interested Russian users in 2017 .