Training Videos

Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine, that also operates search in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Turkey provides businesses with both easy and effective digital advertising options.  With a greater reach than all other advertising channels in Russia, Yandex.Direct offers advertisers an opportunity to reach over 59 million people per day.  Watch these tutorials to get your questions answered and discover the opportunities for your international business in Russia through Yandex.Direct today!

  • Yandex.Direct Tutorial: Setting up an account

    The process of setting up an account on Yandex.Direct only takes a few moments and is easy to navigate through the English interface.  This video walks first time users through the initial set-up.
  • Yandex.Direct Tutorial: Setting up a campaign

    The process of creating a campaign on Yandex.Direct allows users to select their campaign settings, notification preferences, audience targetting, bid strategies, and keywords. This video offers a step-by-step overview on setting up a campaign on Yandex.Direct.
  • Yandex.Direct Tutorial: Placing an ad

    At the ad level, advertisers on Yandex.Direct enter ad copy, contact information, create keyword lists, and select additional options for targetting and tagging. This video covers ad creation and options for setting a CPC on Yandex.Direct.
  • Yandex.Direct Tutorial: Ad placements

    As opposed to other search engines, Yandex has two different ad blocks and there are two separate auctions taking place each time a search query is entered. The video shows the different ad blocks on Yandex’s search results page.
  • Yandex.Direct Tutorial: Bidding strategies

    Yandex offers both manual and automated bidding strategies to provide the most useful options for every advertiser. This video provides a definition of the different bidding options available to Yandex.Direct advertiers.
  • Yandex.Direct Tutorial: Payment options

    Yandex offers a number of convenient payment options for advertisers.  This video explains the Yandex payment options that are accepted at multiple international offices.
  • Yandex.Direct Tutorial: Ad rules and requirements

    It is crucial to learn and understand the unique rules and requirements for having ads successfully pass through Yandex.Direct moderation.  This video breaks down the ad copy character requirements and what is permissable in Yandex.Direct ads according to Yandex rules and the Russian Federation Law of Advertising.
  • Yandex.Metrica Tutorial: Overview and set up

    Yandex.Metrica is a free web analytics tool that offers customizable reports for webmasters and many additional benefits for Yandex.Direct advertisers. This video overviews the main features on Yandex.Metrica and the initial account set up.