Yandex Top Search Query Topics on PCs, Phones, & Tablets

To help inform advertisers and e-retailers, Yandex recently published data on Yandex top search query topics on PCs, phones, and tablets. Yandex is famous for being Russia’s primary search engine and the main source for other online and mobile products and services. It may know the Russian population better than any person or machine. Through machine learning, Yandex is able to analyze millions of Russian search queries every day to better understand users and their needs. Both Yandex team members and Matrixnet, Yandex’s propriety machine learning, use this data to build the best possible services for Russian users and consumers. From product changes to search advertising, the data from queries can help Yandex and it’s advertisers better understand and serve the Russian audience. Yandex’s research team compiles and publishes useful data on Russian’s search queries to keep the public and Yandex advertisers up to speed on the interests and behavior of users.

Over the past few weeks, Russian search marketing has published a few blogs based on Yandex research on searches by device type. The posts covered the differences in device use and also a breakdown of query intent and examples of the most common search categories among three types of query intent. As a third component of this research, this blog covers common search topics by device.

According to the Yandex research, each device -phones, tablets, and desktops –  has search topics that are strongly associated with them as indicated by higher search volume for particular subjects. The below graphic shows common search topics by device with topics for desktops at the top of the graphic and phones and tablets to the bottom left and right. The size of the circle for each topic shows the volume, while the color shows the device. By scrolling over each topic, you can view a breakdown of the differences among devices for that topic.

Yandex queries for games proves to be the most popular topic for searches on a PC. Given the popularity of online gaming in Russia and a more comfortable experience to play from a desktop computer, it makes sense to see such a strong relationship between PCs and gaming.

Tablets are most strongly associated with searches for movies. Tablets are a very popular and convenient portable way to stream and watch media content online. Russia’s watch a significant amount of content online in general but also from their tablets. According to research from eMarketer, 18% of Russian tablet users watch digital video every day and 33% watch content on their tablets every week. Children is a popular topic for tablet searches that is likely associated with parents who search for entertainment for their children.  Especially outside of the home, it is common to see kids playing on tablets than it is phones or desktops.

Yandex top search topics from smartphones include school, music, health and beauty, and porn.   Students on their mobile devices are likely searching for information related to class and homework. With about a 100% mobile internet penetration among the younger Russian population, their queries have a strong influence on mobile traffic. It comes as no surprise that queries on music are also more common from phones, as users are likely searching for songs while on the go.  Given the popularity of social media for health and beauty topics, such as tutorials on Youtube and hair and make up posts on Instagram, users could be inspired to search for more information related to something they viewed on social media from their phone.

After reviewing the above graphic, advertisers in Russia should consider how they are targeting their audience on  Yandex.Direct by device. Advertisers on Yandex.Direct can change their impressions by device type and also create mobile specific ads.