New Sports Cars Chauffeuring Yandex.Taxi Users in Moscow

From now until November 30th Yandex.Taxi users in Moscow may find themselves riding to their destination in more style than expected.  As of this week, a Maserati Quattroporte, Porsche Panamera, and a Chevrolet Camaro loaded with free WiFi are offering rides to lucky Yandex users at no additional cost.

In order to land a spot in one of these sports cars, people in Moscow can use their mobile or desktop devices to access their Yandex.Taxi app per usual.  A passenger must simply order a cab from their current location or specified address to the destination of their choice and wait for the potential surprise.  The GPS trackers in the vehicles conveniently allow users to view where the special Yandex automobiles are traveling at all times.

Yandex Taxi Map Moscow

Quite similarly, all Yandex.Taxi users can watch their assigned taxi on a map until it arrives at the pick-up location.  Upon arrival the driver calls the mobile number linked to the Yandex.Taxi account in the event that all parties don’t immediately connect at the specified location.

Yandex teamed up with MTS, a Russian network provider, to release these vehicles. Therefore, in addition to potentially ordering one of these 4G LTE taxis from MTS, Moscovites and visitors can share their Moscow photos on social media with the hashtag #wowmoscow.  The publisher of the photo with the most likes at the end of this week will travel anywhere in Moscow in one of the select sports cars.

If one of the Yandex-mobiles arrives, we won’t be surprised if the fortunate passengers request their driver take the long route!