Yandex Search Update: Andromeda

On November 19th, Yandex announced their most recent search update named, “Andromeda”.  As is always the case with Search Updates, Andromeda was gradually rolled out over several months and includes over 1000 improvements and features.

Yandex works tirelessly to satisfy the ever increasing user expectations. A quick peek at some of the most notable improvements follows:

  • Enhancing “quick answers” functionality in search results, including the introduction of Experts to help usres get better answers to their queries.
  • Providing users with an easy way to recognize the most accurate and relevant sites directly within the search results.
  • Providing users with a way to save searches in a visual format with the introduction of Yandex.Collections (more on this later).

Like the two previous Search Updates, Korolyov and Palekh, Andromeda was designed to improve users Search experience by better satisfying their intent. Yandex has long used machine learning to satisfy user queries, and Andromeda is no exception.

According to Yandex Head of Search, Andrey Styskin, “Since the previous seach update, Korolyov, our share of search has been constantly growing – on desktop it increased by 2.5%, and on mobile it increased by 6%. The quality of our search is one of the key factors for the growth of our market share. And today we present a new large-scale update, which includes more than a thousand improvements.”

Part of improving the experience for users is the assignment of ‘badges’; these badges live in the SERP, directly adjacent to the Result Title. Yandex algos assign badges to high quality sites that meet the criteria. The badges were written about previously on RSM, and are further detailed by Yandex  HERE.