Yandex Search Queries of the Future: What Russians are wondering about 2015

At the beginning of each new year, we look ahead to our expectations and hopes in all aspects of our lives.  These days, turning to a search engine and looking online for answers and predictions for the upcoming year is a logical move.  Every December Yandex users ask the Russian search engine over a million questions about the upcoming year. Topics range from the horoscope for the next year to economic expectations.

From year to year, Russians pretty consistently search for the same topics about the upcoming year during the month of December.  Still there is obviously some fluctuation in Yandex search queries each year depending on some specific events happening in the country or the world.  For instance, every year Yandex users are not asking, “when are the Olympics” or “what will happen to the president and when are the elections?”  Luckily, 2011 was the only year people were asking, “Will the world end?”

Yandex research analysts recently compiled a list of 15 popular search queries that Russians were asking Yandex last month to prepare for 2015.  December 2014 search queries on the future of Russia mainly focused on financial stability. Like most years, Yandex users were also asking about gifts and celebrations for the New Year holiday and questioning the weather forecast.  Additionally, some users were worried whether or not their iPhone would still work.

Below is a list of the queries accompanied by the more specific queries that include the search terms from the left column.

Screenshot 2015-01-13 17.27.12

To better compare the overall picture of Yandex queries for the upcoming year, click the image below. The trajectory of these search terms from December 2009 to December 2014 show a few major topics that are always on Russians’ minds but also fluctuation in queries like “what will happen to the ruble?”

yandex queries of future