Yandex Russian Search Market Breakdown

Russia maintains one of the most competitive search markets in the world with two major players, Yandex and Google, in addition to local players such as  The only other similar market is South Korea where local search engine Naver continues to hold strong search market share.  This blog looks at the Yandex Russian search market dynamics last quarter.

Since its launch in 1997, Yandex has long maintained a competitive advantage in the market, first for introducing a search engine built for the local language and second for its advanced technologies and machine learning capabilities.  For over twenty years now Yandex has been the leader in the Russian search market.

Yandex recently released their financial results for Q4 of 2017 including several key operational and corporate highlights relating to the Russian search and advertising market.  Below are a few updated stats:

  • Share of Russian search market, including mobile, averaged 56.5% in Q4 2017, compared with 54.9% in Q3 2017, and reached 56.7% in December 2017, according to Yandex.Radar.

  • Search share on Android in Russia was 45.0% in Q4 2017, compared with 41.2% in Q3 2017 and 37.0% in Q4 2016.

  • Search queries in Russia grew 9% compared with Q4 2016
  • Paid clicks on Yandex’s and its partners’ websites, in aggregate, increased 10% compared with Q4 2016
  • Average cost per click grew 9% compared with Q4 2016

Yandex sourced the Yandex.Radar anlaytics tool to monitor search traffic and browser usage. Yandex.Radar releases statistics on the market share of search engines and browsers depending on the operating system and device. For example, you can see the difference between market share of Yandex mobile browser on iOS and Android.

Yandex.Radar monitors the Internet’s market trends in Russia using data from Yandex.Metrica, the world’s second leading web analytics tool.   All sites with Yandex.Metrica tag installed have statistics collected and used by Yandex.Radar. Since June of 2017, Yandex.Metrica has registered 78.3% of all .ru domain traffic, enabling Yandex.Radar to accurately measure Russian search share, which you can learn about more here.