Yandex Launches Report Wizard 2.0

Great news for Yandex.Direct advertisers – Yandex launched the beta version of Report Wizard 2.0! Yandex.Direct users already using Report Wizard utilize it to create custom analytics reports.  From more detailed reports that aren’t produced in Yandex.Metrica to a detailed traffic analysis, Report Wizard provides users with valuable and useful data for campaigns.

The newest release of Report Wizard 2.0 provides users with the ability to monitor campaigns on the account level and more options to adapt the report criteria.  Previously, report Wizard provided statistics for a single login but data could only be viewed by date.

As seen below, statistics can be analyzed in multiple ways and filtered using different combinations of criteria, such as clicks, impressions, CTR, strategies, campaign statuses, groups, ads, phrases, and more.

report wizard 2

Another feature allows users to save their filters and search criteria for later use.  An additional option to create a template for All of the new Report Wizard changes provide a more effecient process for collecting and analyzing data.  Yandex plans to introduce additional features like a section on click position in the near future.

To access Report Wizard, click the “Statistics for all campaigns” link at the bottom of the campaigns page.