Yandex removes links from SEO algorithm

Our colleague Alexander Sadovsky who heads up search for Yandex has been talking for several months about the fact that Yandex will be removing links as a ranking factor in our SEO results.  Alexander announced earlier today that starting today all searches in the Moscow region for an initial set of verticals below will no longer include links in the ranking algorithm.  The verticals for which Yandex has initially removed links from weighting are some of the largest on Yandex and are:

  • Travel
  • Real Estate
  • SEO
  • Home appliances
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Health and beauty
  • Legal services

Alexander indicated that this is just the initial list of verticals and a second set of verticals will follow which will include:

  • Auto
  • Car rental, taxi & logistics
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Furniture & windows
  • Industrial machinery
  • Construction services

These changes will initially just impact the Moscow region but will be rolled out to other regions during 2014.

You can read more about these changes over at