Yandex Panorama Mt.Everest Expedition

Although not your typical blog relating to SEO or SEM, Russian Search Marketing is always excited to share cool topics our readers may find interesting, so today we are letting you hike Everest with Yandex.Maps! Yandex.Maps now features panoramic images from the peaks of Everest. Although other panoramic images exist, this is the first time ever you can virtually hike from all of Everest’s base camps with full views! The panoramic photographs were taken in May of 2016 on Yandex’s second expedition of Everest, reaching 8,848 meters above sea level. Yandex’s first Everest expedition was in spring of 2015, reaching 6,500 meters. The expedition was organized with help from the Russian branch of Toyota.

everest yandex pano1

As most are aware. a lot goes into hiking Mount Everest. The trek requires long training, and even at the top, the best-trained hikers find it difficult. The peaks of Everest are extremely low temperatures, low levels of oxygen, and dangerous ascents.  By visiting, you can see an aerial view of the expedition and hear the story of the hikers who have actually climbed it.

everest yandex pano2

The base camp at 5,200 meters above sea level is the starting point for the expedition. Here you can see the climbers tents, visit the East Rongbuk Glacier, and the North Col. You can also learn how to identify seracs on a glacier, which are the high pointed pieces on the surface of a glacier. After packing up camp you can follow the climbers as they begin their journey along the northern slope of Mount Everest.

everest yandex pano3

During the expedition, a total of 1084 pictures were taken, and a total of 270 panoramas that cover 14 kilometers of the expedition.