Yandex Offers the Best Advertising Options in Russia

As one of three global search engines, Yandex maintains a crucial role as Russia’s leading search engine.  Russia currently produces the largest Internet audience in all of Europe that also boasts increasing potential for more growth.  Russia’s Internet penetration rate of 54% leaves serious headroom for more growth in the coming years.  Just this year we saw an increase in the use of social media, the rise of e-Commerce, and significant upward shifts in the Russian mobile market.

As a system built on the Russian language, Yandex dominates an average of approximately 62% of the Russian search engine market.  Subsequently, Yandex holds 70% of the Russian contextual advertising market, which also reaches a greater audience than television advertising.

English-speaking teams, tools, and interfaces provide the necessary support to improve international business in Russia.  To learn more specifics about the potential and benefits of online advertising with Yandex, download the report below.