Yet Another Update: Yandex News Q4 2015

Russian Search Marketing is glad to provide the latest updates on important Yandex news topics. From SEO to changes in Yandex.Direct, catch up your SEO and SEM information here!

Yandex becomes default search for Windows 10:

Yandex will be offered as the default homepage and search for the Microsoft Edge browser as well as IE across Windows 10 devices in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, and several other countries in the region ,

Yandex SEO Ranking Announcement:

Last week at Yandex’s webmaster school, it was announced that Yandex has the ability to define and classify paid links. Such links are not considered in the ranking formula.  Top ranking sites that were penalized and then removed their paid links returned to their top positions in the Yandex SERP.

Link AutoMarkup Launched:

Special ymclid tags were added to all Yandex.Market links. These tags enable better traffic source tracking in Yandex.Metrica, as well as quicker fraudulent clicks detection.  Now the source of every click on a product offer will be identified as Yandex.Market in Yandex.Metrica’s reports, regardless of the location the offer appeared: directly on Yandex.Market, in an ad block on the Yandex search results pages, or on a third-party site. Knowing the correct traffic source of all Yandex.Market traffic, you will be able to assess the cost of an order more precisely.  Tags were added automatically and do not have any impact on site performance.

Yandex.Direct Navigational Ad Format:

Yandex.Direct offers a special expanded ad format for ads that show in response to navigational queries. Yandex defines navigational queries as those in which a user is looking to gain access to an Internet resource (searching for a specific site rather than something like a generic topic).  Advertisers can include up to 60 allotted characters for their quick links. Text describing the quick links is especially helpful for users to click the correct quick link.

auto ad direct

Yandex.Direct Interface Change:

When an advertiser is blocked from a specific ad position due to a competitor or the selected bid strategy, the interface will notify the advertiser by greying out the position.  Black text indicates available positions.

yandex bid positions

Yandex VCG Auction Encourages Changes to Bid Management Strategies:

The VCG auction makes the bidding strategy “Cheapest position in the ad block” obsolete.  Before VCG, the “cheapest position in the ad block” helped advertisers with high CTR make it into the ad block with a low bid.  The new ranking formula now impacts how ads make it into the ad block. Competitors who select  “cheapest position in the ad block” are grouped together in one category and the weakest bidder is pushed out of this group and into a general ad rotation, which puts them at risk for being beat by advertisers who select other strategies like “Highest position in the ad block.” Read on for the full explanation.

cheapest position in ad block

Yandex Adjusts Requirements for Ad Images:

Images of people are now permitted in ads as long as they are relevant to the ad and are not the sole content of the image. Logos are also permissible if they aren’t the sole content of an image.

New Yandex Report Sections for Mobile App Ads:

Yandex mobile app advertisers can now learn about users’ type of connection and operating system.  Advertisers can access this information through Report Wizard.

Yandex.Radio Ads Gaming Section:

Russian gamers, like others, are fired up about the launch of a few games including Halo 5: Gaurdians, Need for Speed, Call of Duty: Black Ops III.   Russian gamers can now also get excited about playing the tunes of their favorite games on Yandex.Music and Yandex.Radio.  Yandex.Music now has a separate genre for gaming and Yandex.Radio has a gaming station that includes all the most popular gaming theme songs.

yandex radio gaming