Yet Another Update: Yandex SEO & SEM News Q2 2016

Russian Search Marketing is glad to announce some useful Yandex SEO and Yandex SEM news updates for Q2 2016, some of which were initially made public during the Yandex Expert Summit in Berlin. Yandex certified experts met with Yandex product developers who presented on the latest updates to help advertisers expand their knowledge on digital advertising in Russia.  For those who didn’t make it, you can find all the updates below:

Yandex SEO News

Yandex TIC Calculation Update: There is a new update for the formula used for calculating websites Thematic Index of Citation (TIC), TIC gets regular updates and gives strong indication on websites’ authority.  TIC calculation updates cover inbound link-based signals (in coordination with the latest algorithm) and exclusions of outdated signals from the formula.

Change in processing robots.txt: Yandex stopped considering blank Allows directives.  The Yandex indexing robot often runs into problems trying to access websites due to errors on robot.txt that ban access to visits on all pages.  Part of these errors are associated with blank Allow directives.  Yandex webmasters must change blank Allow directors  to Disallow so the robots.txt can be properly analyzed by the new Yandex standards.  Webmasters can use the Yandex.Webmaster tool to check robot.txt.

analyze robots

Yandex SEM News

New Coefficients for Yandex.Direct Bid Adjustments: Bid adjustments for demographics and for past website visitors can now range from +1200% to -100%.  Advertisers can do do things like show different ads to each target user group by turning off one ad group using the -100% adjustment while running another.

Click position in report wizard: Report Wizard 2.0 now provides the number of clicks that occurred on each element of an ad. Advertisers can measure performance of the ad title, vCard, individual sitelinks, display link and the ‘Download’ button in ads for mobile apps.

report wizard click position

Extended Ad titles on smartphone ads: Extended ad titles are now available on smartphone ads.  The ad title can be extended with the first sentence of the ad text or the URL of the advertised site. This makes ads more visible and, on average, results in a 2.5-3% CTR increase.

BETA testing of Smart Banners for Agencies: Agency accounts can now create smart banner campaigns. Smart banners are dynamic creatives that are generated from a product feed and displayed in ad networks.

Audience Package Targeting Options: Audience packing targeting offers advertisers the widest choice of targeting options, including options for targeting ads to users based on their demographics, behavior, interests, and other characteristics. Ads are served across Yandex’s own services and partner platforms.

Yandex.Metrica User-Centric Segmentation: All Yandex.Metrica reports now support a new segmentation method that takes into account all previous visits of a unique user, as well as their parameters such as gender, age, and so on.  For instance, provided advertisers have an e-com reports set up, they can select users who have historically brought in the most revenue.

New Yandex.Music Banner: Yandex.Music, a popular audio streaming service, now offers its own banner ad — a large 100%×250 px creative stretching the entire width of a browser’s window. The ad message can be delivered to the target user group only — based on their demographics, behavior, interests, or location. Targeting to light tv viewers is also available.

Yandex Services News

Yandex.Market Reveals Videos: Rather than simply including images, Yandex.Market started including videos to help shoppers truly see how a product works or looks with a short video to make more informed decisions about their purchases.