They say that every generation has their own music. Yandex, Russia’s leading tech company, decided to put this idea to the test, and observed what users were listening to on Yandex.Music during the summer of 2016.  Users were divided into five groups by age, ranging from under 18 to over 45.

When looking at specific artists, it is clear that their audience is a specific age group. For example, Pika is extremely popular for those under 18. While Stas Mikhailov is most popular for those over the age of 35. An artist’s popularity by age group shows how Russians of different ages are listening to music. There are artists that have wide spread popularity for Russians who listen to music, these are usually artists with songs in the top 50s.

Russians appreciate both a mix of domestic and international artists, ranging from Sia to Grigory Leps. Younger listeners tend to follow the worldwide trends on the top musicians and their songs.


The top track for the ages 18 and under to 44 was “Sub Piela Mea” by Carla’s dream. The top track for 45 and older was “In the Army Now” by Status Quo. “Sub Piela Mea” by Carla’s Dream was the third most popular song for Yandex.Music listeners who are 45 and older.  The second most popular song for users under 18 is “Partymaker” by Pika. Similar to the rest of music fans around the world this summer, everyone was listening to “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake.  “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” came close behind for users under 18, as their third most popular song that summer. Clearly, there are songs that are very popular across all ages, and make it on every age’s top 15 tracks.


The time of day that Russians are listening to music also varies by age. The older demographic of 25 and older are using Yandex.Music more often earlier in the day at around 7 am, while children and those up to 24 years old are listening to Yandex.Music between 8:30 and 9:30 am.  The professional age group appears to be listening to music during their work days with a relatively consistent use from 9 am to 7 pm, around the start of their workday and end of their commute. Younger people often begin using Yandex.Music in the afternoon, this is most likely because they have just finished with school for the day.


Users who are 18 and under listen to music for the most amount of hours each day. 18-24 year olds follow behind them in listening to the most hours of music throughout the day. As seen below, school days and work days draw in pretty consistent listeners while the weekend shows different user behavior by age group. Children and teens listen to more Yandex.Music on the weekends while the 18-24 college age demographic listened to music consistently all week long. users 25 and older listen to a bit more music during the week and drop off during the weekends.


The Yandex.Music research on Russian music streaming behavior tells us a lot on the way musical artists definitely reach age groups differently, as shown in the distribution of the most popular songs Yandex.Music listeners were enjoying in the Summer of 2016. For example, Carla’s Dream song “Sub Piela Mea” was probably one of the most popular songs of the summer for Russians, but didn’t reach users 45 and older as strongly. The research also tells us a lot about Russians daily activities by age group and when they listen to music.  These are times we can also assume they are active on their phones and desktops.