Metrica retains SEO keyword data from Yandex

This week our colleagues in Moscow announced [in Russian] that all search queries are now encrypted.  On our site for webmasters, we explained that this move followed a previously announced experiment with encrypted search queries (of referrer data) that began last December.  By February 2014, the share of encrypted data reached 30% of searches.

In order to give SEOs an opportunity to organize and utilize other methods for analyzing their users’ interests, Yandex has made the decision to go 100% secure.  Encrypted search queries help with privacy concerns over the abilities of 3rd party systems to collect private data.

Site owners, no need to worry, our colleagues in Moscow have kept the success of your businesses in mind.   The intended goal of this change is to protect Yandex users without interrupting the site owners’ ability to access data.

Keyword data will continue to be available through Yandex.Metrika (Yandex’s free analytics tool available in English) and Yandex.Webmaster (Yandex’s webmaster tools).


The SEO world will not face any negative consequences with these changes, as it does with the 100% ‘not provided’ keyword data of Google.


Rather, this move produces greater opportunities for the users of Yandex.Metrika and Yandex Webmaster tools.