Yandex Metrica for Apps

Yandex.Metrica, Russia’s leading web analytics tool, now offers an application version.  Due to advertising platform and analytics integration, most Metrica users are also advertising on Yandex.Direct.  With recent changes to keep search query data available, Metrica’s popularity rose significantly among a number of advertising platform users.

Now, as the popularity of mobile applications in Russia continues to rise, Metrica also offers analytics for apps.  Russia’s mobile internet population currently stands at 104 million users.  66% of these users are accessing the Internet from a smartphone and 32% are using tablets.  Russia currently ranks 9th worldwide for mobile app download shares.

Metrica has responded to Russia’s rising mobile app trends by offering users the ability to view statistics on the app’s performance and audience  to better improve the user experience.  Yandex.Metrica for apps is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows phones.

Yandex.Metrica for apps capabilities

  • Yandex.Metrica for Apps offers users real time data that is up to the second
  • Yandex.Metrica for Apps users can create app usage reports on devices, applications, and traffic source
  • Yandex Metrica for Apps prepares crash reports that supports deobfuscation and symbolication

The demo access below shows the type of capabilities Yandex.Metrica for apps offers.

Yandex.Metrica apps demo

Users can look at device types and operating systems, including the OS versions.

Yandex.Metrica for Apps OS version

The tool also monitors traffic from particular networks carriers to getter a better sense of their audience.

Yandex.Metrica for apps network carries

Like Yandex.Metrica, the tool also offers data on traffic sources, geography, and user sessions.