Yandex.Metrica 2.0 Released

As recently announced on the official Yandex blog, Yandex.Metrica 2.0 was launched today in Moscow. The new beta version of Yandex.Metrica has an entirely new interface with improved analytics and even more flexible analytical tools.  The initial launch of the beta is available only with the Russian interface but the English interface will be released soon.

New Features in Metrica 2.0

The new version of Metrica allows for faster and more accurate comparison of different audience segments to your site.  In order to precisely delineate the segment, you can use a number of parameters and attributes including sex, age, depth of view, operating system, and many more.  With more than 50 different parameters, Metrica 2.0 has the ability to analyze your site audience from an almost infinite number of angles.  With the largest and most powerful segmentation engine in Russia the new analytics are more powerful than any other available.  Metrica comparison segments help site owners to see how site visitors behave and the sources from which users visit their site – from a search engine or from advertising sites.

In the previous version of Metrica, users accessed a fixed set of standard reports. Now users can build reports with any set of parameters.  This proves useful for a variety of site owners for different reasons.  For example, an online shopping site can edit their report parameters to find out how many women from Moscow are visiting their site from Vkontakte in order to decide whether or not to intentionally improve their site promotion on Vkontakte.  Moreover, the reports can now be filtered by the first and last visit.  If a user’s first visit came from a provided advertisement, and then the user returns to the site at a later date and bookmarks it, the site owner can properly attribute this user to the advertising campaign.

Regardless of the size of your website, all features and functionality of Metrica remains free and available.  Metrica continuously refreshes data every five minutes. In order to process huge amounts of mass data, Yandex uses a system from ClickHouse.  This proprietary technology of Metrica works with petabytes of data.

If you aren’t already a Metrica user, you may start working with Yandex.Metrica here.