Yandex.Market Launches Category for Children’s Goods

Last week our colleagues at Yandex announced that Yandex.Market now features a page for childrens’ goods.  E-commerce shoppers on Yandex.Market have access to hundreds of thousands of products from 2630 online stores.  Russian online shoppers can find anything from back to school supplies, toys, strollers, teen clothing, and home decor for children’s rooms.

yandex market childrens goods

Russians regularly search for children’s goods on Yandex.  The Russian search engine sees approximately 250 million search queries for children’s goods every day.  Ultimately, this makes up 0,5% – 0,9% of searches on Yandex.  Children’s goods proves to be one of the fastest growing categories in the Russian online shopping market.  In 2012, Russians spent 19 billion rubles on children’s goods, making up 5% of all online purchases.  Last year Russians spent more than 24 billion rubles purchasing products for their children, according Vedomosti reporting from Data Insight.

Yandex created the new platform based on the analog for Wardrobe, an internal hypermarket for clothing that was launched on Yandex.Market back in September 2012.  For online stores and e-commerce shoppers, a visual image of a product is becoming increasingly important, especially for the categories of children’s goods and clothing.  People come to a search engine and a site like Yandex.Market needing to actually see the product first and then read the description and details before making a purchase.  Yandex developers therefore put a much greater emphasis on images on the interface; images help illustrate each specific category on the homepage and specific products within each category.

Another noteworthy aspect of the new section of Yandex.Market is the ability for users to search on very specific parameters to quickly and easily find what they are looking to buy for their child.  For example, a parent can search for toys for children between the ages of 5 to 7 or specifically find a popular ball decorated with Smurfs.

If multiple stores are selling the same product, Yandex.Market provides a single page that organizes the search results for that specific good based on the various stores selling the product.  Users can then decide how to make their purchase by comparing photos, prices, and reviews for these online stores.

yandex market childrens gooods_doll

Based on Yandex research, our colleagues know that online shoppers take a long time reviewing goods and comparing products before making a purchase.  Therefore, Yandex.Market also allows shoppers to save a shopping cart for future purchases as they consider all their options.  Since people also often make decisions based on brands, the homepage also provides a sections of brand logos that directly links shoppers to all products being sold by that particular company.