Yandex introduces Yandex.Direct Training Course

Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine, recently introduced an online training course for their ad platform, Yandex.Direct. Advertising in Russia can be challenging for international marketers. With the introduction of this free English language course, Yandex is hoping to streamline market entry for international businesses interested in the Russian audience.

The course can be accessed HERE.

The course provides an excellent introduction to Yandex.Direct for those unfamiliar with the UI and the platform’s capabilities. However, the free course is not a substitute for Yandex’s unmatched complimentary Account Management service. Yandex can provide bilingual account management services for international advertisers that are interested in increasing their customer acquisition in Russia.

For those advertisers serious about leveraging Europe’s largest Internet audience to increase their customer base, representatives for the Yandex Account Management services can be accessed HERE.