Yandex Introduces Extended Text Ads (ETA)

Following a series of user behavior studies in 2015, Yandex announced a new default feature for PPC advertisers –  Extended Ad Title. The setting automatically adds the First Line of Ad Text into the Ad Title, provided that it fits a 56 character limit. In circumstances where the Title + First Line of Ad Text exceeds the 56 character limit, the advertiser’s domain will be added to the Ad Title following a slash. On average, the introduction of this feature increased advertisers’ CTR by 2.5-3% but resulted in shorter Ad Text messages.

To give advertisers more message space, Yandex has introduced Extended Text Ads in Yandex.Direct (ETA). The current standard structure for Yandex includes one Ad Title of 33 characters and a 75 character Ad Text including punctuation marks. The new Extended Text Ads structure includes two Ad Titles – 35 and 30 characters respectively – and an 81 character Ad Text. Additionally, ETA ads can have up to 15 punctuation marks that are excluded from the general character count: periods (.), commas (,), quotation marks (“”), colons (:), semi-colons (;), and exclamation marks (!).

The Ads rendering with both Ad Titles at the same time is not guaranteed; it’s dependent on the actual screen size of the device for which the ad is being served (not character count) calculated in real time. This results in 4 possible impression scenarios:


Ad title 1 – Ad title 2
Ad text (Sentence 1 + Sentence 2 + …)


Ad title 1 –  Sentence 1 from Ad text
Ad text (Sentence 2 + ….)


Ad title 1/Domain
Ad text (Sentence 1 + Sentence 2 + …)


Ad title 1
Ad text (Sentence 1 + Sentence 2 + …)


In the event that the second Ad Title doesn’t appear, Yandex recommends using short Ad Titles like «70% discount», «Next day delivery», «In stock» or «Free delivery».

The search engine is still testing ETA format for Ad Networks, but ETA ads have already proved to increase search CTR by 5% on desktops and 10% on mobile devices.

Advertisers can easily export Google AdWords campaigns to Yandex.Direct using CSV files. ETA ads are supported in the UI, Direct.Commander and Yandex.Direct API.