Yandex: Full-service Account Management for International Advertisers

Yandex is providing International advertisers with full-service account management assistance. The Russian Internet market is now the 7th largest Internet market in the world, and as the size and spending power has increased, so has the number of international advertisers promoting their products/services in Russia. To facilitate a smooth market-entry for said international advertisers, Yandex has an international Account Management team established to perform the heavy lifting.

Entry to the Russian market has never been easier. The typical process will begin with the advertiser sending along thoughts, objectives, goals, targets and an export of any English language campaigns that may be running in other markets. Yandex will then combine that information with their own Search data to build out an account best prepared to succeed in the Russian market.

Russian search behavior differs from that of the Western audience; so, a 1-to-1 application of a western strategy to Russia should never be applied. All the international Account Managers for Yandex are bilingual and have in-market experience; they’re well-versed in what the Russian consumer/searcher want, and what is required to satisfy.

To account for the logistics of time zones, payments, etc, Yandex has international Account Management teams located in the US, UK, Switzerland, and China.

The service offered by Yandex is completely free.

Those international advertisers that are interested in taking advantage of this unique offering  can contact the Yandex directly HERE.