Next week Yandex is hosting a two-day event for Yandex.Direct experts, Yandex Expert Summit or YES.  The exclusive event offers Yandex advertisers and Yandex certified experts, who have been trained at Yandex courses and passed the certification test, an opportunity to learn from Yandex managers and to network with one another.


Yandex Expert Summit Quick Facts

  • Location: Haubentaucher Berlin, Germany
  • Dates: June 2-3
  • Attendees: Over 150 attendees representing 96 companies and 10 countries
  • Event Description:  YES will highlight new possibilities for Yandex.Direct and the Yandex Advertising Network, Market, Metrica and AppMetrica with a focus on effectively using them together to improve overall Yandex advertising success.

Yandex Expert Summit List of Speakers & Topics

  • Bernard Lukey, Yandex Europe AG: Welcome Word
  • Andrey Sebrant, Yandex Special Projects: Digital Russia, Helicopter View
  • Max Grishakov, Yandex Chief Customer Officer: Russian Digital Advertising Market, Trends and Opportunities
  • Euguene Lomize, Yandex Monetization: Yandex.Direct New Opportunities and Advertising Tools for your Business
  • Oleg Dorozhok, Yandex Mobile Marketing: Russian Bear Loves Mobile
  • Nikita Pasynkov, Yandex Display Ad Products: Programmatic Solutions for display, video, & audio advertising
  • Andrey Kashin, Yandex.Direct API Development: Using API to Streamline Yandex.Direct Campaign Management
  • Alexandra Kulachikova, Yandex.Metrica: How to become User-Centric with Yandex.Metrica
  • Ivan Yamshchikov, Yandex University of Applied Sciences: The Mystery of the Russian Soul
  • Evgeny Tikhomirov, Yandex Market: Yandex.Market for International eCommerce Companies and Agencies
  • Anna Kuzmina, Yandex.Money: Online Payment Habits in Russia: Yandex Money for your Online Business
  • Justyna Wilner, WebCertain Offical Yandex Expert trainer: It’s All About Yes

Having answered thousands of Yandex advertisers’ questions during standard expert training, Justyna Wilner will also help represent the audience and moderate questions to speakers.  In addition to the organized speakers, Yandex Expert Summit attendees will have opportunities to interact with Yandex managers and network with each other during the meals and other planned social hours.