Yandex Expert Summit 2018

Since 2016, global tech giant, Yandex, has held their Yandex Expert Summit in Berlin, Germany. The Yandex Expert Summit (YES) is described as an annual conference on digital advertising that brings together Yandex experts and partners to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the world of online marketing and analytics.

Consistent with YES(s) of years past, the 2018 YES was held at a hip and innovative, river-side venue, apropos for Russia’s most cutting-edge company.

The event is designed for international participation. As the allure of the Russian Internet market has increased in global recognition, so has the amount of international companies turning to Yandex for customer acquisition. Therefore, the conference language is English, and the program is shaped to cater to international marketers interested in increasing their Russian footprint.

Sounds helpful and fun, right? Well, unfortunately, if you missed this year’s YES, you’ll have to wait until summer of 2019 for next year’s version. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Yandex has built out a digital home for Highlights from the Yandex Expert Summit 2018! You can access said highlights HERE.

A couple of teasers for you:

  • An interview with Bernard Lukey, Yandex’s Global Sales Director. Lukey has unmatched experience helping international companies succeed in Russia, and in the interview he provides his thoughts on the current digital landscape in Russia, and where the future is taking us. It’s a very insightful read for those that are interested in the concept of Russia as an expansion market, but have not yet committed.
  • Mikhail Bilenko, Yandex’s Head of Machine Intelligence, provides an introduction to Yandex’s AI powered assistant, Alice.  Bilenko is a global leader in the AI space, and offers up a fascinating introduction to our newest collective friend, Alice.
  • Olga Erykalina, Yandex’s Deputy Head of Advertising Technologies, gives a super useful update on the Yandex Advertising Network – known more commonly as YAN, or to some less-familiar international advertisers, Yandex’s Content Network.

So what are you waiting for?! Again, check out the Highlights from the Yandex Expert Summit 2018 HERE.

And hopefully we see you next year in Berlin!