Yandex.Eats, Food Delivery Service in Russia

In February of 2018, the Russian search giant, Yandex, introduced their expansion into food tech with food delivery service, Yandex.Eats. Yandex.Eats connects hungry consumers with restaurants.

According to a recent press release, Y.Eats offers customers an easy and efficient method for receiving food delivery from nearby restaurants within 30-35 minutes. Like other food delivery apps in the west, Y.Eats has an easy-to-navigate app available in iOS and Android where users can filter on cuisine.

Yandex.Eats launched with service in Moscow, and offered users choices from 2000 restaurants in downtown Moscow. Well, since February, Y.Eats has significantly expanded, and now provides services in 24 Russian cities and 6500+ restaurant options.

One of the cooler features of Y.Eats is the concept of the ‘Dark Kitchens’. Dark Kitchens are popup kitchens where several partner restaurants share space to prepare food for delivery by Y.Eats. Dark Kitchens exist in areas where restaurants are scarce, and therefore provide unique options for otherwise underserved neighborhoods.

The Yandex.Eats team is hard to ignore in Moscow. The bright yellow branding is omnipresent on the streets of Moscow, with the delivery team cruising all around the city on scooters.