Yandex.Disk Offers Greater Control of Content on Social Media

Yandex.Disk, the cloud storage service, recently launched a new feature that enables users to siphon their photos from social network accounts.  As originally published by Yandex, users can now use Yandex.Disk to quickly and easily save their photos and even photos in which they are tagged to the cloud service.  As seen below, as quick as a photo is taken and tagged, it can be added and organized to Yandex.Disk with a few clicks.

Conversely, when a user accumulates a bunch of photos and wants to send them out to his or her Facebook page, it is also just a few clicks away.  Yandex.Disk now promotes users to share their photos through the cloud service in conjunction with their social media networks. Social network users of Facebook,, and Odnoklassniki can export single photos or entire albums from Yandex.Disk to their social media site.

What’s even better are the new editing tools that users can utilize before exporting.  Users may edit and enhance their images by adding filters, text, or graphics to their photos.

While this service gives users a simple way to upload a single image or an entire album from their desktop, businesses can also use the new features to simplify  photo management.  Stock photo agencies or web-based photo agencies can use Yandex.Disk to increase their customer base by simplifying processes and attracting new non-professional contributors.

Beyond this social network integration, the new and improved Yandex.Disk looks to further image-based services through API.

Yandex.Disk, which started as a cloud service, has evolved to serve 19 million Russian accounts and over five million international users who may access the web service in English, Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian.  In addition to the web service, Yandex.Disk is a desktop app for Windows, OS X and Linux platforms, and a mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.  Mobile users can look forward to these new Yandex.Disk features soon.