Yandex.Direct video ads update: now you can upload your own videos

Create unique video ads and save time on repetitive ad creation tasks in Yandex.Direct with an updated video editor

Now Yandex.Direct users can create video ads with their own videos. Whether a product walk-through or a video shot on your smartphone, videos up to 15 seconds can now be uploaded and used to create unique ads that’ll make your Russian-speaking potential customers take notice of your product.

Yandex.Direct video ads update: managing ad creation

In addition to your own videos, it’s possible to use stock videos as well. You can watch how adding custom visuals works here.

With the new video editor features, it’s now possible to edit your ads shot by shot and save time on updating copy and images with content blocks.

Here’s an overview of new video editor functions:

  • set-and-forget content block for elements that you want to be present in each shot, to save time on adding them manually
  • easily add audio, text, or additional legal information in the video editor
  • adjust video length without having to manually change the duration of each separate shot: Yandex.Direct video editor automatically adjusts length of each separate shot based on the new total video duration
  • easily remove elements that you don’t want to be included in a shot, from text to images

Inspiration for new Yandex.Direct ads: trends and resources

Video ads in Russia can be used for various goals, from sales to brand awareness.

Here are some of the resources we’ve published in the past on this topic:

If you’d like to have a better idea of how video ads can help you achieve your goals when targeting your Russian audience, Yandex published several case studies for clients using video ads on Yandex.Direct.

For example:

Need help creating and setting up video ads for your Russian-speaking audience? Get in touch with our team of bilingual experts.