Comparing Analytics for Yandex.Direct Verticals Q4 2016

Analysts on the Yandex.Direct team recently compiled analytics on different verticals for Yandex.Direct in Q4 2016 to equip advertisers with more knowledge of the online search advertising market in Russia.  The report covers a range of information from ad spend dynamics to traffic breakdown by device.  Overall there was strong growth in the Russian market showing significant increased in Q4 2016 compared to the rest of the year from spend to clicks. Clothing and shoes showed the highest numbers with automotive products following behind.  Desktop remains the overwhelming source of traffic but we are seeing a slow shift to mobile as the Russian market adopt more smartphones.

Advertisers in Russia, download the report below to learn the specifics on the Yandex.Direct verticals:

  • Largest verticals by spend
  • Largest verticals by spend click dynamics
  • CPC dynamics
  • Traffic by device
  • Russian regional breakdown

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