Yandex.Direct updates automated strategies

Making managing automated strategies easier

We have written about Yandex.Direct automated strategies before (“Debunking 5 Myths about Yandex.Direct Automatic Bidding Strategies”), with the takeaway that machine learning algorithms help advertisers achieve better results with their ad campaigns.

Earlier this August, Yandex announced changes to how you manage automated strategies with the goal of simplifying the process and increasing its efficiency.

According to Mariya Savitskaya (Baybik), Yandex.Direct Head of Development (quoted from this article in Russian),

We are actively developing automated strategies because they provide better results for our clients. To that end we constantly improve the algorithms that we use. This includes giving Yandex.Direct advertisers an option to set specific optimization criteria. The Yandex.Direct interface changes are going to make working with automated strategies as convenient as possible even for beginners.”

Changes summary: goal-setting, campaign spending management, and attribution models

The changes are based on user feedback and incorporate the following:

  • simplified process for choosing a strategy
  • campaign spending parameters setting moved to manual bid management
  • added option to choose an attribution model for an automated strategy

Several of the existing strategies will be bundled together under “Click Optimization” or “Conversion Optimization” strategies, which means that goal-setting for automated strategies will be more straightforward.

For bid management, advertisers will be able to set limits either as a set value, or as a percentage of the search bid.

Finally, the new option to choose an attribution model means that advertisers can decide how to track conversions while working with automated strategies.

Additional information on the Yandex.Direct changes

The following two articles provide a summary and an extensive overview of the changes.

To find out how the changes will affect the API, refer to this article.

Yandex.Direct updates automated strategies making managing automated strategies easier

All of the settings for existing users will be saved during the update, and they will receive emails outlining the changes.

Finding out more about using Yandex.Direct to reach Russian audiences

Articles on choosing a display strategy are available in the Yandex.Direct Help Center:


There is also a Help Center article on various Yandex.Direct attribution models, walking you through the various options.

Reaching your Russian audience with Yandex.Direct ads

International businesses interested in reaching your Russian audience can learn more about Yandex.Direct functions by taking a free training course in English.

With Yandex continuing to be the leader in Russian search, using Yandex.Direct capabilities to reach 100 million local Internet users is an easy decision to make.

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