Capitalize on recent customer interests with Yandex.Direct

Create highly relevant ads and maximize ROI for special offers and discounts when advertising for your Russian audience

Yandex.Direct now offers a way to target ad audiences based on recent customer interests. This new way to target audiences of text and image ad campaigns is based on Crypta technology (read more about Crypta in this Yandex Support post).


Targeting customers by their recent interests: when is it relevant?

There are several cases when it makes sense to use interests instead of targeting by keywords. For example:

  • discount offers during seasonal sales
  • desired fast turnaround (no time to research phrases)
  • increased reach for new leads and clients


Target customers by recent interests: case study results

The option to target customers based on their recent interests is a new one. However, Yandex team ran a beta experiment to see how this type of ad targeting would affect conversion rates.

Results were very promising: for a household electronics client, usage of short-term interest categories led to 11% CR growth and a 9% decrease in CPC and CPA. A/B testing results showed that targeting by short-term interests instead of key phrases led to a 45% conversion rate increase and a 9% CPA decrease.


Setting up your campaign in Yandex.Direct

Campaigns targeting audiences based on their recent interests can be set up in Yandex.Direct and via API.

There are 19 categories of customer interests, from business and beauty products to household appliances and education.

You can define up to 3 sets of interests with the “AND” operator, and up to 10 interests within 1 set with the “OR” operator.

For example, if your audience is someone planning a home renovation or honeymoon vacation while evaluating personal loan options, you can set the first set of interests to “Honeymoon vacation” OR “Renovation”, and the second set of interests to “Loan”.

The ad will be shown to internet users planning a honeymoon trip or home renovation while evaluating different personal loan options.

You can read a YandexSupport article on how to set up your ad impression criteria for targeting based on recent customer interests here.

If you need help with setting up your ad campaigns for Russian online audiences, get in touch with our team of specialists.