Yandex.Direct mobile targeting: new options available

Reach out to mobile users and target iOS and Android devices separately for better results

According to eMarketer data, the number of Russians making online purchases is expected to continue growing, and is predicted to be 46.1% of internet users (or 34.1% of Russians) in 2020.

Currently 1/3 of Russians are making online purchases through their smartphones (according to Yandex data). To better reach these buyers, Yandex has rolled out options to create more targeted ads on Yandex.Direct, which will appeal to a wide variety of businesses selling online. Yandex now offers an option to set up mobile-only campaigns to promote mobile app downloads and target iOS and Android users (read the announcement in Russian here).

Using Yandex.Direct mobile targeting in your campaigns

The new targeting options offer advertisers an opportunity to create more targeted ads and display information relevant for mobile users. With these new Yandex.Direct mobile targeting options, it’s possible to create ads promoting your products for cross-device display, and ads promoting usage of your shopping app only for mobile users whose smartphones support it.

This segmented approach makes it easier to increase app download rates. At the same time, you can make sure that ads are displayed to smartphone users who can benefit from them.

The options for mobile and desktop bid adjustments are as follows:

  • Android: -100% to +1,200%
  • iOS: -100% to +1,200%
  • desktop: -100% to +300%

It is possible to exclude users on particular mobile devices, as well as exclude desktop users.

Yandex.Direct mobile targeting results

Based on the results of a test campaign conducted by Yandex, these segmentation options are a very effective tool. They will be especially useful for advertisers looking to drive app downloads and sales through the app.

In one case study, an advertiser was able to increase sales by 15.5% as well as increase click-through rates for desktop (from 10% to 12%) and mobile (14% to 19%). At the same time, cost per click for mobile ads went down from ₽55 to ₽47.

Yandex plans to continue developing options for targeting of internet users.

To find out more about adjusting bids in Yandex.Direct, read this Yandex Support article, or jump to the section about adjusting bids for mobile.

If you need help with setting up your Yandex.Direct ads to target Russian buyers across different devices, get in touch with our team of experts.