Yandex.Direct Keyword Position Data Now Available

Yandex.Direct now offers a new feature for keyword position data.  International customers will be especially happy to learn that they can receive a report by average position of their ads.

What is the new keyword position feature?

Yandex advertisers can use this new feature to view the average position of their ads in Yandex SERP for both impressions and clicks.  A split view will show where ads appear in one column and where the ads actually receive clicks in a the second column.

How is the average position calculated?

The average position is calculated from the first page of the Yandex SERP only.  Any impressions or clicks on the subsequent pages will not be shown in the report as an average position value but instead as dashes.

Statistics are gathered from July 1st 2014 and the average position can rank from 1 to 12.

  • There can be up to 12 ads in Yandex SERP, if the guaranteed ad block appears on the right-hand side of the results page:

3 Premium

4 Guaranteed

5 Dynamic

  • There can be up to 7 ads in Yandex SERP, if the guaranteed ad block appears below the search results:

3 Premium

4 Guaranteed

The average position value is a decimal value For instance, for an average position of 2.22, the ad copy usually appears in the second or third position in the SERP.  An average position of a 6.9 places the ad copy closer to the seventh position in the SERP.

How can the report be accessed?

The report is available via XLS and API, and by selecting “average position”  in the statistics tab “Report Wizard” in the Yandex.Direct interface.

Yandex.Direct average positionCurrently, a Russian explanation can be found here. English help instructions will be available next week.