Capturing Yandex.Direct International Traffic: Skyscanner Case

For most advertisers, Yandex.Direct international traffic is not something they consider. The primary focus of Yandex.Direct is capturing the local Russian audience but for those advertisers thinking outside the box to the Russian population worldwide that still relies on Yandex as their primary search engine, there is value in the approach. This post looks at the use case of Skyscanner, one of the world’s top online travel aggregators, that sought an unique approach to geo-targeting in order to capture the Russian audience beyond Russia’s physical borders.

After all, there are over 250 million Russian speakers worldwide who often prefer to search and use services in Russian.   Yandex attracts these users all over the globe for its superior Russian language products. Yandex search and services serve users in 64 countries, with a strong portion of international traffic in the US and Europe.

Download the case study below to learn how Skyscanner approached their Yandex.Direct international traffic strategy and how it benefited their business.

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