Similar Ad Groups, Different Rotations: Another Yandex Direct Google AdWords Difference

This week Russian search marketing continues to take you through some of the major differences between Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct advertising.  For many users transitioning from Google AdWords to Yandex.Direct and those using both systems simultaneously, it’s quite easy to confuse or assume that what works in one platform and applicable in the other.

Following yesterday’s blog on match types, we continue today with ad groups.


Yandex Ad Groups

An ad group is a number of different ads that can show up for a set of keywords. These ads are displayed in rotation and after some time, performance of each ad is compared. This is another commonly used tool in paid search – ad groups are perfect for running A/B tests. For example, you can compare performance of different ad texts or landing pages.

Yandex.Direct ad groups are quite similar to other systems. They work in a slightly different way though – ads are rotated until the system finds an ad that has the highest CTR. When this happens, the system will give more impressions to this ad. This is somewhat similar to the Optimize for Clicks default mode in AdWords.

A high CTR of an ad does not always mean a higher conversion rate and ROI.  Measuring this will be a more manual process in Yandex.Direct – here are the instructions:

  • Set up different tracking links for each ad in a group. For example, This allows advertisers to manually compare conversion rates in the tracking system on their end. Note that the system will still give more impressions to the higher CTR ad.

ad group 1

ad group 2

  • Set up two identical campaigns, where campaign A will have texts A; campaign B will have texts B. By using time targeting settings, advertisers can then set campaign A to work in even and campaign B in odd hours of the day.

time settings

These are great ways you can improve your usage of ad groups on Yandex.  Check in tomorrow to learn more Yandex Direct Google AdWords differences with search term reports and keyword level tracking!