Yandex.Direct Extended Geo-Targeting Launched

Yandex.Direct extended geo-targeting went live today. A few weeks ago, Yandex.Direct announced a new addition for advertisers’ geo-targeting options that will show ads to users worldwide who enter a specific location in their search query.  Previously, Yandex geo-targeting capabilities only targeted users that were physically located (or were using an IP address) in a location an advertiser selected to target in their account settings. The new extended geo-targeting feature serves ads to users anywhere who include locations in their queries that an advertiser targets.

The new option helps advertisers reach potential customers all over the world. In the past, if a taxi company targeted certain Russian cities where they run their services like Moscow, ads would only be shown to users in Moscow searching for taxis.  Now with Yandex.Direct extended geo-targeting when a user anywhere in the world searches for a “Taxi in Moscow,” he or she will be served ads from taxi companies that include Moscow in their geo-targeting settings.

An ad that passes moderation may not be displayed in a specific region because of differences in advertising laws.  Ad moderation is based on the country laws where an advertiser has targeted their ads. However, advertising laws where the ads are displayed may restrict ads from being shown.

The feature will help Yandex.Direct advertisers reach a wider audience while serving more relevant ads to users.  According to test results, this option leads to an average +3% CTR for geographical queries. In some categories, CTR was even higher. In the “household services, cafes, and restaurants” category, for example, tests showed increases of +26,2% CTR.

The setting is enabled automatically for current advertisers and is the default setting for all new campaigns. The setting can be disabled in display region settings via the Yandex.Direct web interface, Direct Commander, or the Yandex.Direct API.