Yandex.Direct Conversion Costs Optimization: Wargaming Case

Online gaming companies, among many other eCommerce businesses can benefit from this case on Yandex.Direct conversion cost optimization. Wargaming, one of the most well known multi-player online games, reaches audiences all over the world and has been present in the Russian market since 2010.  Despite their Russian SEM team’s strong familiarity with the local market and having achieved great success in the region, like all good advertisers, finding areas for improvement and reassessing their campaigns is a regular part of Wargaming’s success.

This past year, Wargaming SEM managers in Russia worked with Yandex.Direct to improve their conversion cost optimization. Reaching their target audience and registrations are two of the biggest parts of Wargaming’s focus. Download the case to learn more about the way Wargaming adjusted their Yandex.Direct campaign settings to drastically improve their conversion costs for their registrations in Russia.

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