Yandex.Direct: Ad Rules & Suggestions

After recently attending the International Search Summit at SMX East 2014, it became clear that those unfamiliar with the Russian market and in particular, advertising with Yandex, were most intrigued to learn about the ease of digital advertising in Russia.

Naturally, SEM and PPC specialists concern themselves with the complexity of the starting new ads in another country.  Here is a breakdown of the basic advertising rules on Yandex supplemented by suggestions from account managers who oversee Yandex campaigns.

Ad Copies:

  • Headline: 33 characters
  • Ad text: 75 characters
  • Sitelinks: 66 characters (total)
  • Destination URL: 1024 characters
  • Sometimes cultural differences play into creating ads. For instance, in the ad below the word “Торопитесь!” is used, which means “Rush!” Certain marketing word choices that may feel strange in our native tongue for advertising are quite normal in other countries. Keep in mind that customers are used to seeing different call-to-action terms. ad copy example


  • English language can be used in the ads, as long is there is a Russian translation.  Given the character restrictions, most prepare their ads in Russian language to better utilize the amount of space in the ad copy.
  • A landing page may also remain in English, which is seen from time to time by Yandex account managers.  Often times this is a great way to initially start advertising to see the amount of traffic that a website receives.  However, the majority of Russians do not speak English so a high bounce rate is often detected.  To reduce bounce rates and maintain positive traffic, landing pages are often translated to Russian.


  • Foreign currency can be included in ads provided that the equivalent of Russian rubles is also included.  Similarly, it makes sense to utilize the ad space and provide rubles.  When it comes the the actual landing page, the site can simply offer prices in for instance, dollars or euros, if the ad copy already provides the conversion in rubles.


  • Superlatives such as the “best” or “most popular” can be used in the ad but the landing page must provide information from an independent source that proves such claims

Ad Approval Process:

  • The ad approval process is partially automated and partially manual.  After an ad is automatically approved and running, a Yandex employee will double-check the ad within three days.
  • Ads that include certain subjects will require manual approval to adhere to the Russian Federation Law of Advertising.  Such subjects include medicine, treatment abroad, and rare materials.  For a full list please visit the Yandex help page.

Ad Templates:

  • Dynamic keyword insertion are allowed in the ads