Yandex case study collection: step-by-step descriptions

Writeups of customer wins on Yandex’s English-language blog to inform your ad campaigns

In addition to Yandex customer case studies published on Russian Search Marketing (for example, here), there are many more case studies with different use cases available on Yandex’s blog in English. The searchable directory of client success stories makes it easy to learn from case studies based on goals, company size, or types of advertising. You can even sort case studies by industry. In this post, we’re showcasing the 3 most recent customer success stories for 2019 and 2020.

Samsonite Yandex customer case study: A/B test showing the impact of display ads on sales

In this case study post, Samsonite tracks data on how a display ad campaign contributed to sales.

According to Olga Smirnova, Yandex.Metrica product manager for display ads, Samsonite’s goals for the ad were not “quick purchases. It was more like a brand awareness clip, without an emphasis on a specific product. The user might not make a decision to place an order right after seeing the ad, but could wait until the right time, like when they were planning their next vacation. Yandex.Metrica links this kind of conversions to a specific campaign and makes it possible to analyze the portrait of the user most likely to convert into a customer.”

Find out how Samsonite set up their A/B test, and how much additional revenue display ads brought to the business in this post on the Yandex blog.

Akson Yandex customer case study: Using dynamic ads to increase average sale value across categories

Akson set up dynamic ads to target online buyers of home improvement goods. With thousands of products, managing category ads was time-consuming and inefficient. Dynamic ads reduces the time it took to set up the ad campaign by 2/3, as well as helps Akson increase its average sale value and reduce CPO.

Did we mention that Akson grew sales by 7.4 times, while decreasing its share of ad spend by 83%?

Find out how they achieved those results in this Yandex post.

VseMayki Yandex customer case study: 2.5x revenue with ads for mobile apps for an e-commerce custom clothing and souvenirs business

In this case study, an online store of custom clothing and souvenirs drives sales by identifying app KPIs, breaking down ad campaigns into three categories, and focusing on visuals representing the interests of various specific customer personas.

This is what Victoria Zozulya, VseMayki mobile advertising specialist, says about using Yandex.Direct and AppMetrica:

“For the mobile app, Yandex.Direct is one of the most effective channels. It maintains Share of ad spend and conversion rates for orders at the levels we need. We especially love the additional functions available for attracting new audiences: targeting by interests, segments from Yandex.Audience and AppMetrica. They allow us to significantly increase our reach and installs, while the quality of these installs is much higher than those from other sources. We are actively expanding our activity in Yandex.Direct without negative effects on the quality — increasing our budget has only led to an increase in our profit from this channel”

For a step-by-step breakdown of the campaign, read this Yandex post.

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