Yandex.Browser Introduces Dark Theme

Yandex is best known in the west as Russia’s leading search engine. And while that characterization is accurate, Yandex is involved in many more projects outside of Search; from food delivery, to ride sharing, to storage – the Yandex influence extends across the entire digital landscape in Russia. Included in those additional services and products is Yandex.Browser, a popular web browser in Russia.

In November, Yandex introduced a dark panel theme for their Yandex.Browser. A dark theme has long been requested by the global Internet community. Yandex heard the clamoring, and the feature is now accessible in both Windows and MacOS versions of their Y.Browser.

A segment of the Users argue that a Dark Theme is less distracting, and creates an experience easier to concentrate in. Interested users can make the adjustment in Settings>Interface>Appearance Settings>Color Scheme.

Yandex.Browser currently has 20% market share in Russia.