Announcement of Yandex.Audience Custom Audience Targeting

Last week Yandex announced Yandex.Audience, a new service that helps advertisers use first party data to segment their target audiences.  Yandex.Audience provides options for advertisers to use their own customer information to segment audiences for hyper-targeted advertising, as well as target their ads to existing groups of customers to boost upselling campaigns, improve retention, and increase average spend.  Yandex.Audience is applied to both Yandex websites and the Yandex Advertising Network.   The announcement was made at Yandex’s annual e-marketing conference Yac/m.

A Yandex.Direct advertiser can log into their account and upload customer information to Yandex.Audience in the form of .txt or .cvs which can include email addresses, telephone numbers or device IDs.  The advertiser then receives anonymised IDs that identify their customers among visitors on Yandex’s pages and the YAN websites.

Advertisers can then target to a segment of one by personally targeting these individuals with relevant offers to their previous customer experience. For instance, the ads will be personalized for the individual like a pair of shoes matching the bag they bought a week ago, or a special loyalty program to regain lost customers.  The advertising segments can be used for both Yandex search and Yandex display advertising.

yandex custom audience

The targeting tool is most beneficial for customer conversions for  medium- to large-scale businesses such as retailers, banks, car dealers, and insurance companies, possessing large amounts of customer data. The minimum amount of data required for this hyper-targeted advertising starts at 1,000 rows of user information without a final limit.  Yandex.Audience advertisers can use their data to create any number of audiences and hyper-targeted ad campaigns.  The same data can also be used to identify lookalike audiences and target ads to them.

In addition to hyper-targeting opportunities, Yandex.Audience will also soon provide marketing analysis tools. Yandex’s proprietary behaviour analytics technology Crypta will soon be added to the service. Crypta can identify web users’ interests, age, gender, family status, and even if they have a car or a pet, based on their behaviour online will soon be added to the service.  Using Crypta, advertisers will be able to use social and demographic statistics of their audiences to plan their marketing strategies.