Yandex Audience Success Story: Zdorovaya Voda

Among other case studies, the Yandex advertising website recently featured a case on Zdorovaya Voda, an office water delivery service that used Yandex.Audience and Yandex.Direct to increase their online conversions in 2016. Founded in 1997, Zdorovaya Voda is as an office water delivery service in the Moscow city and surrounding region. The local B2B business has contracts for regular delivery with 25 companies and turned to Yandex to expand its online marketing.

Zdorovaya Voda used Yandex.Audience and Yandex.Direct to increase their overall number of calls from new customers within a specific budget. Yandex.Direct is the premiere ad platform in Russia that can help boost sales and attract new customers. Yandex.Audience is a service that allows advertisers to use their own target audience data, as well as Yandex data, to configure ad campaigns.

Zdorovaya Voda had already optimized their ad campaigns using Yandex.Direct for their search and content campaigns, and then used Yandex.Audience’s Look-Alike technology to expand their reach. Yandex.Audience’s Look-Alike technology allows advertisers to create segments of similar users based on their  pre-existing client data.

Yandex Audience Look-alike Tech

Below breaks down the four-step process Zdorovaya Voda used to expand their reach with Yandex.Audience Look-alike technology:

  • Step 1: First Zdorovaya Voda uploaded their CRM phone data to Yandex.Audience. Zdorovaya took 13,500 phone numbers and made them into a CSV file that was then directly uploaded into Yandex.Audience to create a segment.
  • Step 2: Zdorovaya Voda used Yandex.Audience to create a Look-alike segment based on the phone data uploaded. The company chose settings that guaranteed maximum similarity to the original segment. They also chose to use the same user distribution by city and device of the original segment. With this information, Zdorovaya Voda could use Yandex.Audience to find and collect a group of users similar to their pre existing clients. The reach forecast for users with similar interests and search behavior was 600,000.
  • Step 3: Yandex.Audience set up a retargeting list based on the Look-alike segment. The Look-alike segment from Yandex.Audience served as the basis for a retargeting list in Yandex.Direct.
  • Step 4: The final step was to prioritize the Look-alike audience with bid adjustments. Zdorovaya decreased their bids in their main campaign by a third, and increased Look-alike users by 100%. Bids for users found on Yandex.Audience were raised by 50% in the rest of Zdorovaya Voda’s search and YAN (Yandex Ad Network) campaigns.

Yandex Audience Customer Results:

As a result, the audience found from the Look-alike segment created by Yandex.Audience produced twice as many clicks, cut the bounce rate in half, and had a 30% higher page depth compared to the typical users. The conversion rate for this audience was also twice as high than the typical users.

The number of calls from new customers increased thanks to Look-alike technology. Overall, Zdorovaya Voda’s ads competed well in auctions that mattered while avoiding overspending on impressions for users that were unlikely to convert. The overall traffic from Yandex.Direct remained unchanged, CPC increased along with traffic quality, and it attracted users much more likely to convert and call the company. Using Yandex.Audience and Yandex.Direct had a positive effect on budget cost-savings for Zdorovaya Voda.

Download the case to learn more about how Zdorovaya Voda adjusted their Yandex.Direct campaign settings and the Yandex.Audience Look-Alike technology to drastically improve the number of calls from new customers within a specific budget.