Yandex Announces Mobile Friendly Update

This morning Yandex announced (in Russian)  that it will soon begin marking mobile sites in its mobile search results.  Webmasters in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Khazakstan and Turkey who already have a mobile responsive design or a separate mobile URL will automatically be noted in the search results.  For example, will be marked as as seen below.

The update will gradually be rolled out over the next few weeks so webmasters can meet Yandex criteria.  Webmasters should note this update is for mobile phones, as Yandex considers tablets to offer a similar user experience as desktops. The following Yandex mobile-friendly criteria need to be met for pages:

  • Viewport meta tags
  • No horizontal scrolling
  • No Flash or Silverlight content

yandex mobile ranking

Here are suggestions and recommendations to help webmasters transition to the Yandex mobile-friendly update:

  • Use HTML 5
  • Yandex will continue to add criteria for the update, such as font size and spacing (preparing now is a good idea)
  • Utilize the Yandex.Master toolkit that will check a page’s criteria for mobile friendliness
  • Utilize the (yet to be launched) webmaster service to check entire websites for mobile friendliness
  • Adjust now to maintain high positions in mobile search results before Yandex implements this as as ranking factor for mobile search

webmaster toolkit mobile check